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International education sector is rapidly evolving, and Search Education is uniquely placed to deliver to its changing needs.

Established in 2015, Search Education strives to blur the borders and transcend the dreams of overseas education to reality. With splendid international reach via established global offices, we work round the clock to engage with a diverse range of educationists, offering customized solution for each aspirant.

As an acclaimed industry leader driven by a highly qualified team of professionals, Search Education engages with students via a one on one approach facilitated face to face as well as virtually.

A Unique Approach

Making the Dreams of Foreign Education a Reality

At Search Education, we understand what is required to ensure recruitment of committed and passionate students who aspire for extraordinary achievements. We constantly strive to surpass industry standards by using avant - guard technology and rigorous selection mechanisms to match students with our partners. Using a finer lens, we look closely at a student’s academic qualifications, financial background, character and career goals to ensure the right fit. With an exciting diversity in their educational backgrounds most of our team members hold global degrees, making them more empathetic towards the challenges faced by international education aspirants. To help our students steer through their struggles of studying abroad, the dynamic and adept team of Search Education remains accessible to them even during their international academic tenure.

At Search Education we ardently believe that an association is for a lifetime and in our endeavor to stand true to our beliefs, we support our students for their post study aspirations to ensure a successful career and help our partners achieve their business goals.



Ensuring all aspiring students have access to quality education from universities and colleges across the globe, we spectacularly pioneered AI based algorithms and automation in different processes, which has granted us a technology driven edge over others.

I am proud of where we have reached and I am sure that the path ahead will bring abundant prosperity and success for all our stakeholders!”

- Bhupendra Kunwar
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